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Photo scanning, by hand

Your old photos are in danger of fading away, danger of being forgotten, and danger of being lost or damaged in a natural disaster. Photo scanning with Elmhurst Photo Boutique can save them, safely and affordably. Chances are your old photos are some of the most precious things you have. So when you send your photos off for photo scanning, you expect them to be treated carefully.


We offer a variety of different scan services and have the ability to scan photos, slides, negatives, artwork, videos, x-rays and much more! We carefully save our scans to DVD for archiving, viewing and printing.


Shoebox Scan

If you are interested in preserving the visual history of your family, business, club or other institution, the Elmhurst Photo Boutique Shoebox is for you! This is our most economical way to scan large projects, but we know one size does not fit all. We can work with you on any size project, please contact us for more information.


The Shoebox Scan is designed for quick scanning of large print quantities. We carefully scan your images and save them to CD/DVD for archiving, viewing and ordering. Simply bring the CD/DVD back to Elmhurst Photo Boutique when you want to make prints, books or any of our photo products of your treasured old photographs. This is a great way to share family photographs with all of your family members!


Shoebox Scanning has a base price of 29.95 per 100 photos. These photos will be scanned and 300 DPI which is printing industry standard. If you need the photos to be scanned at a higher resolution, we can accommodate.


Print Scans

Fragile photographs or photos larger than 8x12 need to be scanned on our High Resolution Flat Bed Scanner. This scanner provides the highest quality scan for reproduction. Photos are scanned in .JPG format at original size and saved on CD/DVDs.


Slide Scans

35 mm slide shows were one of the most popular ways to enjoy pictures in the 60's and 70's. Today you need to digitize your slides to enjoy viewing them. Slides are scanned using the latest technology and saved at 300 dpi for the best reproduction possible.



In 50 years, will your children have old photos to look at?


The answer to this question is largely dependent upon what you do today and how to store and archive your prints and digital images.

  • Do make prints - Photographic prints can last for nearly 100 years when stored correctly.
  • Digitize your prints - Have your old prints, slides, and videos placed on a quality CD/DVD for safe keeping.
  • Use high-quality storage devices & CD/DVDs - Far too many people are storing their digital images and videos on a single hard drive in the family computer. This is dangerous. Hard drives fail. It's not a question of if but when.

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